Five Tips to Be More Confident at the Gym

The gym can be intimidating, especially the weight room and especially for females. Typically dominated by grunting individuals, who walk around with an overwhelming confidence. It can make you feel small, un-belonging, and like you’re doing everything wrong. But nothing should stop you from going there and getting a great workout. Here are my tips… Continue reading Five Tips to Be More Confident at the Gym


Fitness Assessments

An important initial step to beginning an personal exercise program is to establish where you are. This can be done via assessment tests to measure your components of physical fitness (body composition, muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardio respiratory fitness, flexibility). The test results give you numbers that you can improve on and a way to… Continue reading Fitness Assessments

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What an Exercise Science Major Is Not

What a Exercise Science student is NOT (also: what a personal trainer can’t do) This post in inspired by the common questions I get asked and expected to know when people realize what I study in college. Honestly I’m able to answer a lot of their questions, but I’m not always the most appropriate person… Continue reading What an Exercise Science Major Is Not

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How much exercise do you need?

Okay, exercise is good for us and we should do it. Some exercise is better than none. But how much should we do for maximum benefit? And what kinds of exercise? There are four general components of exercise. The familiar cardiorespiratory training and strength, but also felixiblity and neuromuscular training. To help describe these, I… Continue reading How much exercise do you need?