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The Tour Body: What It Is and How to Stay Fit After Tour

In this blog post I’ll be talking about the iconic drum corps “tour body” that people come home with after their summer at DCI. Basically explaining what it is, and how you can “keep” or improve upon it. At the end of this post I’ve also included some exercise and nutrition ideas, so you’re not… Continue reading The Tour Body: What It Is and How to Stay Fit After Tour

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Emotions as Motivation for Your Fitness Goals

I’m not sure how to title this honestly,  but in this blog post I’m writing about why emotions are powerful tools for goal setting&reaching, and how to cultivate the feelings to fuel your journey even when you don’t feel like it. First, I want to talk about goal setting. I don’t think it’s powerful enough… Continue reading Emotions as Motivation for Your Fitness Goals

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Functions of Affirmations

Affirmation without discipline is the beginning of delusion. -Jim Rohn Affirmations are positive, affirming statements that one may say to oneself repeatedly, almost like a mantra. An affirmation may seem like a magic spell that must be chanted at certain times of day to bring about self-improvement.. While I do feel they are magical and… Continue reading Functions of Affirmations

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What an Exercise Science Major Is Not

What a Exercise Science student is NOT (also: what a personal trainer can’t do) This post in inspired by the common questions I get asked and expected to know when people realize what I study in college. Honestly I’m able to answer a lot of their questions, but I’m not always the most appropriate person… Continue reading What an Exercise Science Major Is Not

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How much exercise do you need?

Okay, exercise is good for us and we should do it. Some exercise is better than none. But how much should we do for maximum benefit? And what kinds of exercise? There are four general components of exercise. The familiar cardiorespiratory training and strength, but also felixiblity and neuromuscular training. To help describe these, I… Continue reading How much exercise do you need?

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Benefits of Exercise & Physical Activity

Exercise is good for you. I think we all know that we should be more active and less sedentary. Maybe we don’t know why, but we know that promoting physical activity is a health-motivated movement. The health benefits of exercise is overwhelming, so I’m just listing a few general ones. I’ve cited my sources at the… Continue reading Benefits of Exercise & Physical Activity