This Blog’s Mission.

I started this blog to explore and develop my communication and online presence. It is “for me”, but at the same time I cannot reach that objective without being sensitive to readers. So in part, this blog is also for you: the reader.

I know that there are a lot of blogs out there. There are a lot of blogs about the same things. Some of them are credible and respectable, but many of them are not. With the growing popularity of these blogs (particularly personal/lifestyle and fitness), I have a driving motivation that this blog will NOT be simply “adding to the noise”.

This is primarily a “personal” blog, documenting my thoughts, travels, and lessons I learn as I do life. As an (aspiring) fitness professional, however, I also find it appropriate to communicate information, concepts, and conclusions from my school and work.

In all my content, I strive for the following goals and guidelines:

  • Uniqueness and Sincerity
  • Accurate, Realistic, and Educational Information
  • Not to use misleading, sensational, dramatic “click-bait” titles. (“this one trick…” or “you MUST try this” or “insanely genius way to…” or “ridiculous mistakes you’re making”)
  • Promote overall health. Well-being is a multifaceted state, and I will  Not favor one aspect in sacrifice of another.

This can be essentially regarded as this blog’s “mission statement”.