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Functions of Affirmations

Affirmation without discipline is the beginning of delusion. -Jim Rohn

Affirmations are positive, affirming statements that one may say to oneself repeatedly, almost like a mantra.

An affirmation may seem like a magic spell that must be chanted at certain times of day to bring about self-improvement.. While I do feel they are magical and believe they can bring about self-improvement, they do not work passively or without effort. They have a job, they have functions. An affirmation said with numbness, laziness, or ignorance is nothing. Its an empty statement and a waste.

I am a big fan of affirmations…done correctly.

So, before mindlessly reciting an inspirational phrase you read in a self-help book (which I am also a fan of self-help anyway), check the functionality of the affirmation you’re using!

Affirmations Can be used to…

Remind Yourself of the Truth

Affirmations should be truthful statements. And in order to make a positive affirmation about yourself, you have to have at least a little bit of self-efficacy, belief in yourself, or self-esteem. You ought to inherently know of your self-worth and that you are (I’m telling you now) a special human being.

Likewise, if your affirmation relates to a situation, have the inherent belief that things are going to work out for you (Because the Universe has your back or whatever supports you!).

Even if you don’t FEEL like it’s true, the affirmation is meant to remind you of something you aren’t naturally remembering right now. It’s like when people remind themselves, “I can do this!” as they nervously head on stage or into an interview or meeting.

There is no use repeating an affirmation that you definitely know to be a lie, or lack the faith (or self-esteem) to believe. How could can you feel positive about repeating lies? If you know it’s not true, and don’t believe in it’s possible fruition…it doesn’t have a positive function.

For example:
I am smart. I know this because I graduated college with a valuable degree and attained certificates.
I am employable. I know this because I’ve been hired before, and can therefore get hired again.

Inspire a Feeling

If you’re into the Law of Attraction (hot topic!), you’ve probably been told to use affirmations to attract a desired outcome. You state your desire as if its present and occurring (“I am rich.”), inducing a vibration that attracts the matching situation.

This works for people who will act on their belief and feelings. These affirmations allow them to “tune in” to what their next step is, pushing them to make their affirmation true.

For example:
I am so grateful for my apartment in Colorado.
I am excited to work at a job that I love.

Inspire Action

Even if your affirmations don’t inspire feelings (and thus emotionally-inspired actions), affirmations can also be used to inspire action directly instead.

For example:
I (will) do whatever it takes to make my business a success. (Instead of “I am successful”)
I (will) take steps to improve myself daily. (Instead of “I’m improving everyday”)

Begin a Shift in Mindset

I would call this a combination of feeling, action, and belief!  You’re trying to modify all three. The way you feel about yourself, the things you do, and the way you look at things. It’s like you’re trying to change the type of person that you are.

Here an affirmation aids you in adopting a new…identity. Or outlook on life. Or habits! Basically, it’s meant to set the tone for whatever changes you’re looking to make.

For example:
I (will) take the stairs because I am (becoming) the type of person that is physically active throughout the day. (See my YouTube video on Increasing PA)
I read everyday because I am the kind of person that values knowledge.


Affirmations can also be used simply to set forth an intention for whatever you are about to embark on.

For example:
Today will be a good day. (Because sometimes the attitude that it’s going to be a good day is all you need to make it one!)
I am excited for this opportunity to prove myself to my future clients.


I’m sure there are many more functions of affirmations, especially as every person will have their own affirmations and motivations and reasons for using them! These are the main ones of I have found.

Please comment if you have any functions to add! Or questions about anything I’ve written here.

Obviously, this post is based on my current knowledge/findings/experiences. I reserve the right to change my mind as more information comes to me! 🙂

Thanks for reading!





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