I Won’t Train for Free

Sure I enjoy personal training, and want to give people (especially my family/friends) the tools and knowledge to be successful in their fitness journey. And now that I’m without a job (post-graduate transition), I’m eager for a chance to train/work with someone.

I was briefly tempted to offer training as a gift for Christmas. And, someone even offered to pay me to train someone else over break.

But I know none of these would work out. So none of them followed through.

I will not train for free.

Even when my sister asked for a training program, I insisted that she pay me. Sure I would do it for free, but the question is: would she? Would she actually value the training enough to follow the program I’d write?

If you pay money for it, then you must value it. I want to work with those that value the time that we spend together and value my education/training.

Its a way of reinforcing the self-respect that I have for myself, and the client’s respect for their own time/resources.

Of course, you can personally pay money and then not value it. But money is one of the “gatekeepers”.

(Earlier this summer I trained my friends in exchange for the experience and to also be more productive when we were hanging out socially. It was a good time, but I see that “free” isn’t always a good thing.)




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