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Notes from “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich is one of those books that gets constantly recommended to me directly or by indirect suggestion. It’s on all the lists of books to read, in the context of personal growth or tips for success. I’d say it was one of those books that I was going to read no matter what because I could not escape  the “you should read this book” that came up everywhere I sought book recommendations or what to read (or listen to) next.
I also got this through my monthly Audible subscription. My previous book, You Are a Badass, was the final push to getting TaGR. It seemed to incorporate the “powerful thoughts” trend I’ve been getting into, and was also going to help me make/manage money (a priority now due to my upcoming graduation and travel plans).
This book was written in 1937, so some of the words and examples are older. However, I think the advice is still very relevant. It just has to be repurposed for the context. It doesn’t even have to be specific to money! (Although, that is the aim..)
The author spends a lot of time talking-up the book in the beginning, about all the success it has brought people and how it will DEFINITELY change your life if you read it right. He also has a very strong admiration for historical figures like Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Edison and rants/raves about them throughout the book.
So what was the book about? What’s my quick summary?
Think and Grow Rich is about training your mind to be the mind that supports the accumulation of riches. You will not become rich if you are not ready for it, or if you do not realize money for what it is.
You need an idea and true desire for riches. Then you need a plan for acquiring it. The perseverance to chase after it even if success is not met after the first attempt. And throughout this process, you need faith to believe that is is already yours.
My favorite topic was his discussion of Autosuggestion. Its about teaching your subconscious to think successfully, because the subconscious is a powerful influencer of our lives and thus our success. So it’s not enough to just “watch your thoughts”, but we must control them. It’s the only thing we truly control.
Desire + Faith = Success
By believing in the things we desire, we are literally “putting it out there” or “signaling” the universe to make it happen. The Infinite Intelligence (is that what some call God?) receives these thoughts and conspires to realize them. I know it seems so wishy-washy but it has made so much sense to me when I think about how our thoughts really make up who we are, and how does prayer actually work. (Which I think should be a separate post due to its depth and self-reflection…)
Overall, the book is pretty dense and there is a LOT of material to go through. I’m so thankful I had this on audiobook to help me get through it, but I wish I were able to see some of his lists on paper or take/make my own notes as I went along (I listen while driving).
So I know I missed a lot of key points in the summary, but this means that this post contains the content that TRULY stuck out with me. It’s the content I could actually recall. If anyone else has read this book I’d love your feedback and what you got out of it!
On to the next read….
BTW, the “sexual transmutation” chapter is so weird I thought it was a prank. Although I got what he was trying to say, I don’t think he truly made his point! But basically it’s something like: “Sex is the strongest physical emotion. Utilize that energy by transforming it into something productive. Successful people have a lot of sex.” XD

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