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Takeaways from ‘You Are A Badass’ by Jen Sincero

This is another post where I share my “takeaways” from whatever book I most recently finished on my Audible subscription. I downloaded this book because one of my new, favorite Youtuber said it was her favorite. She’s cool so far, so I figured I’d maybe see where she’s sourcing her coolness. (Books have that special way of changing Our life y’know)

Though it did help me understand this girl more, I didn’t find anything epic or magical or Life-changing about it. I’m not sure if it was worth it, but I Did get Some things from it!!

I would summarize “You Are a Badass” as a book-long peptalk about how you are awesome so love yourself, think positive because it’s powerful, and you’re in charge of Your life so do something amazing already! That’s not awful. It’s just I feel like I inherently already knew these things, and these were just materialized in someone else’s words. I mean, it was great to have some solid, written (spoken) direction and suggestions for going about making my life great.

So my takeaways?

  • Energy is a like a currency that you exchange with the universe. Being positive puts that good energy out there, and its more likely to come back to you. She called these “vibrations” and it reminded me of ‘The Secret’.
  • Some people would rather be right about Their miserable life, than do something to change It and then being wrong. (Like if I said that I will never have financial control because I’m the type of person who isn’t able to budget/save. I wouldn’t be motivated to budget/save because then I might prove myself wrong and mess with my pre-set worldview.)
  • Meditate. I actually can’t remember exactly what she said about meditation other than: “Do it”. But it was like manyth time I heard it and I guess manyth time is the charm. So I’ve been meditating since whatever chapter that was. It is amazing.
  • Money is just an object. It’s only value comes from the energy we put around it. Price isn’t the same thing as value, but somehow there is a correlation. For some reason this made me confident about “charging what I’m worth”, exactly because I value myself, my time, and my energy. The price for my services should reflect that.

Overall a good listen! (Bonus: author is also narrator, so everything is read aloud exactly as it was written in her head XD) Would I listen through it again? Probably not, but it’s nice to have these “takeaways” written out so I know I got what I got from it.

Any thoughts on these takeaways? Has anyone read/listened to this book?




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