Blog’s New Vision


When I first made the blog, I was convinced that my education & certifications and perceive creativity would make me a good Fitness Blogger. I also had a LOT of good ideas about college living and I thought my lifestyle was eccentric and advice from it would be worth offering. I wasn’t wrong, but I knew anything I could desire would possibly be considered “over ambitious”.
 The delusion was necessary for me to actually “take the leap” and create a WordPress and put myself out there “I have a blog!”. Now that it’s been on the Internet for a bit and I’ve required myself to write, I certainly figured out that this will NOT be a “Fitness” or “college” or really anything other than a PERSONAL BLOG. (for the timebeing especially)
I study Exercise Science, I have a couple of certifications, I work at a gym…. By all means I know I’m qualified to talk about it. But I don’t have the style or visual appeal or online presence (in my opinion) to get people to sit down and read MY post about “Ways to Be Healthy” or whatever BS I thought to offer. There are just way too many fitness blogs out there, and just think I’d be “adding to the noise” at this point. I certainly have things to offer, but as I’ve learned in many other areas of my life: my efforts will be more productive elsewhere.
I’m keeping the blog, I love what I have so far. I still want to expand it, make it more of a thing. I want to feed and grow this hobby, because I believe it will also help me in other “work” areas of my life. But that’s getting ahead of myself, already!
So what is PrudenFox (or whatever I change the name to) now? It’s a personal blog. I hate to say it’s all for me, because I will be still be writing fitness articles and other posts I hope other people might find useful (especially my family/friends). But it’s not about content for strangers who are Googling for answers. It’s an outlet for me to practice writing, educating, Social marketing (scary!), and literally expressing myself.
This is the new vision. Onward!

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