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Fall Semester Preview

As a senior (plus a semester), I pretty much feel like I know what to expect from the hectic first week of classes. Simple things I’ve learned to rent my textbooks ahead of time (most classes), download my syllabus to Notability, keep the notes on laptop/iPad, get there super early because parking is a mess (everyone actually showing up), and don’t buy a lot of groceries because I get stressed out this week and don’t eat anyway.

What’s unique this time around is that this is also my last first semester! (Of undergrad, AT LEAST) Even though I consider myself to be an experienced student, I expect this will be my toughest semester! Not because of the 16 hours I’m taking (if anything these classes should be easy this time around), but the amount of responsibility I’ve given myself in terms of school, work, family, social, and of course preparing for the adultish life after graduation. I’m also trying to prepare myself to grow up. I mean I’m actually, seriously thinking about what “I’m going to be when I grow up”, and my path after college.

My Senior class, Capstone, is dubbed to “bridge the gap between school and work”. I have to type up a couple different resumes, and ultimately come up with an official, written plan for life after graduation. An answer to all the “What now?”s that I’m expected to be bombarded with on graduation day.

This post is not about that plan, but I’ll share that tentatively My current plan includes a vacation to Italy before I move back in with my family (read: free rent and free food) and try to “settle into the working life”.

My preparation for Perceived-adulthood also  includes saving money and thus putting lots of time in at the gym as a fitness attendant/personal trainer/group exercise instructor/office aide. (Literally 4 different positions, but at least they’re in a location that is ultimately relevant to my degree.)

[Side Note: I think if I started working at the gym sooner I wouldn’t feel like my newness and upcoming graduation make me the least relevant type of staff member. However, there is nothing to regret as I applied at my earliest opportunity! My previous semesters were busy doing other important things 🙂 ]

I’m working two opening shifts at the gym, which means I’m waking up at 5am! On Monday evenings I teach Barre, unfortunately I didn’t get on the schedule for Cardio Dance. I’m really bummed out about it, but what to do except get over it? (I hope to at least record my routines onto YouTube so they’re SOMEWHERE..)

I do not plan on doing winter guard this season. It’s quite possible that 2016 was my last! I’m not dancing other than my “Improvisation & Choreography” class, for which my final project is a dance piece performed by people that I cast and write for.

My goals remain to make good grades, learn Italian, save money, become bigger/stronger, increase the number of views for this blog, and possibly take the ACSM exam to become a Certified Exercise Physiologist. There are more goals, and I won’t be elaborate or  be more specific because I don’t think they serve to actually motivate me.

Because of how busy this semester is, there isn’t a lot I want to “savor”. I’ve generally viewed college as a “means to an end”, and now I am reaching the end. My attitude now is to be busy so that the time will seem to go faster. As I continue to write, hopefully updates to come.



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