My Summer-Fall Break

I’ve been at my family’s home the past two weeks. With no classes at college and no work obligations (I also work on campus), it was the best place for my between-semester break.

I made jewelry with my mom (our common hobby that sometimes makes us money), cleaned out my closet, started a T-shirt quilt, went to my sisters’ horse show, and basically just hung around.

Oh, and I got my wisdom teeth (4) removed! It really affected my break, because I was “not myself” for 3-4 days. Even now, I still don’t feel 100%. I, of course, was unconscious for the entire surgery, but when I came to my consciousness wasn’t all that. The pain medication was obviously a pretty strong narcotic that blunted the pain AND affected my consciousness. (Apparently, people take it recreationally.) I just remember I would take it, sit down, and notice as I just sort of lost myself and then fell into a weird nap.

Even worse is that I misread the directions for these meds. I was supposed to take them as needed, with no less than 4 hours  between doses. I thought it meant to take every 4 hours until they ran out. I was ahead of the pain (better), but I ran out of the meds pretty early.  So all I had was ibuprofen for the rest of it. I was taking as much as I could (as directed by doctor) which was twice the amount the bottle recommends. My stomach has been hurting really bad so now that the swelling is gone, I’m sticking to acetaminophen. (I only know drugs by their generic names/active ingredient.)

My most popular breakfast this week was really thick smoothies that had to be eaten with a spoon (non-garnished “smoothie bowls”). The cold was great for helping to numb the mouth. I also ate a lot of pudding, Jello, and thick soup. I was able to chew foods but it exhausted my jaws so I preferred the soft meals.

After the surgery, my productivity dropped. I told myself that I was going to do a “lite workout” but my activities of daily living were already too intense. I couldn’t work out or work on routines for my group exercise classes. Because cleaning involves bending down and standing up repeatedly, I got a headache and took breaks too frequently to stay on task. Even reading was uncomfortable.

So I went for the most passive form of entertainment I know: TV watching. I recently subscribed to Netflix (after not being able to find any satisfying anime on Hulu) and actually used that this week. I “binge-watched” most of the Pretty Little Liars episodes I’ve missed (2 years worth), but never caught up. The drama and dishonesty were too great! But I think that in general binge-watching shows is better than following them weekly.

These two weeks made up my “vacation”, so I had my balance of relaxing/recovering but also preparing for the next semester. Which will be my last semester of my undergraduate studies! I’m sure I’ll have a lot more to say next week when I’m in the swing of classes and college life again.







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