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My Disney Performer Audition Experience

Going with my goal to audition for three theme parks, I went to a Disney Halloween dancer and general Parade Performer audition.Obviously I didn’t make it past the first round, but anyway I enjoyed the experience much more than my “auditions” at Universal.

Reasons why:

  1. You don’t have to make an appointment. At Disney, you just show up at the time posted; you don’t have to let them know you’re coming or worry about time slots running out.
  2. Everyone gets to dance. Typeouts are definitely happening, but they don’t look at you until you’re dancing across the floor. Even if I’m cut because I don’t look right (something I can’t control), and I can FEEL like I’m cut because of my ability (something I can). I hate to drive all the way somewhere and not get to even dance.
  3. They don’t take your headshot or resume unless you make it past a certain round. A frustrating thing at Universal was that I gave them my headshot and resume, only for them to discard it when I was typed out. I don’t think they even looked at my resume, so it was very wasteful for me to print it out, give it to them, have them ignore it and trash it.

The Disney auditions are held in a large studio, but with 200 applicants it wasn’t large at all! I walk in, picked up a sticker with a number on it, and sat down to wait.

I remember it was so crowded that I never saw the choreography, I just heard it spoken out and I picked it up like that. There was plenty opportunity for me to watch the performers in front of me do it, but I didn’t get to actually try the turns and jump “full out” until it was my turn.

Both times the choreography was easy and simple, so I don’t think they were watching IF you could do it but HOW. I noticed the people that made it past were very over-the-top in their movements and big big smiles!

After everyone goes, the casting director (I think?) makes an announcement similar to “thanks for coming, we have very specific criteria, come again”, and then asked for certain numbers to stay.

This is of course where I leave, but content with my experience.

After watching the people who went to the next round, and being typed out at Universal, I realize I’m just not the right material for this kind of performing. Those that moved on (I could tell), already knew or had a feeling they would make it past.

A combination of looks and lack of talent, I just don’t have what it takes. And I accept that, and it is empowering. Just knowing my limits, or what is outside of my scope, makes the things I CAN do brighter and clearer. I feel like i’ll have more energy and attention for the things I should actually be doing, because I won’t be distracted by “what-ifs”. I’ll just focus on how things are.




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