Summer Semester Goals 2016

Alright. I’m halfway through the first week of summer, and I’d like to set my goals. I love setting goals semester-by-semester, I think it’s much more manageable. (Click here to read my Spring Semester goal post)
Academic goals are obvious: All A’s. Strategy continues to be feeling out the class, doing quizzes on time, reading the necessary assignments, doing all extra credit…. (Also! At least a 94% in the class because a 90-93 is an A-!! :/)
Italian. Again, I don’t know how to measure an accomplishment of this. Not a number of words, not really of length of conversation either. So my goal is to practice/ study it 4 hours a week. I have EdX, and I’m going to start iTalki (first time I’m dishing money). I’ve set one Duolingo lesson as equaling 5 minutes, so I can do 12 lessons a week to cover an hour, but even just 6 will make half an hour. So It’s what and how much I prefer to do.
I’m a “progressing personal trainer and group exercise instructor” at my university’s gym. It consists of shadows, demos, assessments, article summaries, and program design. I already have my personal trainer certification, and I’m currently studying for my group exercise exam. My goal is to finish both progression asap, and have my GFI-very by the end of this summer. (Combo of school/work goal)
Work. I’m graduating in December (yay!), so my real-life-adult-life is approaching quickly. Work will replace school, so I want to get started on that. Originally my goal was to have two jobs, but I don’t know how that will work out. I have other sources of income (Uber, donating plasma, selling bracelets), but those aren’t considered jobs. So, my work related goal is to save up $1500 this summer. To me that’s low, but then I can hope to exceed it!! To be more specific, I should write up a savings plan but that looks like $500/month or $125/week.
Fitness. I’m not competing in winter guard anymore, but I should still have an athletic goal, something to work for. I have a fitness assessment next week so I’ll obviously seek to improve all of those results, but I already know some of what I absolutely, physically cannot do.. So this goal: 1 pull-up, 1 dip, and 10 push-ups. I currently need assistance, or can only do like 2 push-ups at a time.
Blog. Wow I’m keeping this up! It helped that I pre-wrote some posts and all I had to do on some days was publish it. This is serving as a resource, so I want to continue with 3 posts a week. Should be at least 36 posts at the end, and I’ll make the goal 40 posts this summer. This includes Prudenfox and my other “fun” blog, Magical Girl Living.
Personal Development“. These are not goals, but missions: socialize almost everyday, don’t forget to dance, and read a fiction book.
What are some of your goals this summer?

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