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Best Things About Working Out in the Morning

There isn’t a scientifically best time of the day to do a work out. It (like many other things) depends on the individual and their schedule. Maybe it’s  more convenient to work out at night, or too difficult to head to the gym after work, or a mid-day jog at lunch is really easy to fit in for some people. The best time to work out is whatever time you decide to work out!

I am inherently an early bird. I’m sure growing up on a ranch contributed to that, but I just get so much energy from the early morning sun (or even the civil daylight before). There’s something about waking up before the rest of my neighbors, and being mostly alone for an hour or so. It’s not that I hate staying up late or sleeping in, but I feel the best when I turn in and wake up early.

And my favorite thing to do with an early rise? Work out. Why? Reasons discussed:

  1. It gives me a sense of accomplishment that actually motivates me for the rest of the day. This is also a reason I do easy chores in the morning, it gets the “work hard” mood rolling.
  2. It gives me energy for the rest of the day. Yes a workout should exhaust the body, but it does a lot more for providing energy. I’ve never wanted to go back to bed after working out, but rather just keep going!
  3. My body feels better once I’ve gotten the blood moving and the joints warm. I don’t know if it’s because of 3 years of drum corps or having dancer’s flexiblity, but when I don’t work out I feel kinda “stiff”.
  4. There’s like no one at the gym. Not waiting around for machines, or just dealing with a lot of people in general.
  5. The people that are at the gym, are likeminded and motivated just like me. I feel like people that wake up early to go to the gym truly care about their health because of the priority they’re making it. This is inspiring for me, especially if I can consider myself to be “one of them”. I trust people that go to the gym early.
  6. I don’t have to worry about getting my workout in later in the day when I’m maybe less motivated or have less “freshness” to have a great workout.

Working out in the morning does not make me better than anyone, but it makes me a better me. Morning is not “the absolute best” time to workout. Again: the time of day that you workout is the absolute best time that you work out. Sometimes it’s difficult to get up early, so I don’t do this everyday! I just have a lot better days when I do 🙂

What time of day do YOU prefer to do your work out? Are there any other early-risers out there that do their work out in the morning?



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