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Schoolyear in Review: Lessons Learned

Okay, it’s time for this schoolyear’s greatest lessons.It was my first full schoolyear at a University, and I think I really filled it up with Marching band, dance minor, winter guard, work-study, boyfriend, and more growing up… This isn’t a deep reflection, just some points here and there. 🙂


I took this everywhere!

My Razor Kick Scooter was the best $25* investment I’ve made. All in all it has saved me hours of walking! It’s better than a bike because I don’t have to park it, and I can literally ride it into the classroom.Yes it’s a kiddy size and the wheels aren’t shock-absorbent (cracks in the sidewalk are like trenches), but I’ve never (-karma kap-) fallen on my face. (At most, a couple of close calls!) *They were on sale for $20 at Walmart but I paid the extra $5 for the pink one; worth every dollar!

Do abs first. The first part of our warm-up in my modern dance class was “ab rollups” (you’re lying flat on the floor and sit up to touch your toes using only slow abdominal contractions). Doing this in the beginning made me aware of my abs throughout the whole class, meaning I was able to activate and strengthen them more. I don’t think my core has ever been stronger!

icon180x180Wake up better by setting an alarm for the lightest phase of sleep. I downloaded an app called SleepCycle, which listens to how much I roll around in my sleep to determine my sleep phases. The wake-up alarm goes off in the lightest phase of sleep (and closest to my intended wake up time), so getting up is easier. It’s also the best time to wake up, because I know I won’t really get much rest sleeping past it. In a way it’s saved me time in the mornings. Other brilliant feature: tracking my resting heart rate first thing in the morning.

Awesome analytics!

Listen to audiobooks (Audible App by Amazon). This was an incredible move. I started listening to audiobooks when I drove and I’ve finished 7 of books this schoolyear, without taking any estra time out of my day to sit down and read. That’s at least 6 more than I would’ve finished if I hadn’t subscribed to AudibleThey’re all nonfiction(though every genre is available), and have taught me a lot about life, science, and careers. Favorites: So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport, Outliers by Malcom Gladwell, and The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.

Caprese became/is my new favorite food.

Low carb is…pretty awesome. Okay, I can’t say I was truly “low carb”(less than 100g/day) in the fall, but I definitely did not buy bread, pasta, starches, or cereals during that time and actually lost weight. I ate carb-heavy meals a few times a week when I went out, and didn’t dramatically change my levels of activity. Idk what about avoiding carb, but it put me at my lowest weight since middle school… I can’t recommend diets, but I encourage anyone to at least look at and consider it.

Okay, I learned a lot more than those 5 points during my 4th year of college, but these are discoveries that effectively changed the way I’ll live my life in the future. I’m going to keep kicking my scooter, and starting with abs, and tracking my sleep, and listening to audiobooks, and passively dodging carbs. 80% of these undramatic life-changing lessons were learned outside of the classroom too, so this isn’t so much of a college post as it is a lifestyle post.

What were your greatest lessons this schoolyear, in or out of the classroom?


(I wanted to include links to “spice up” my post, and I’ve also just applied to Amazon Affiliates so I merged those. Apparently if you buy a product within 24 hours of clicking on it I’ll get a teeny-tiny commission? It’s no extra cost to either of us so I thought I might as well!)



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