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Lukas Plant Nursery & Butterfly Encounter in Oviedo

After wanting to go for a couple months, I finally went to the local [lant nursery and buterfly garden! It was warm and sunny last Wednesday, and a perfect day for making the trip. Also in Oviedo, just a short ten-minute drive from UCF.

The Butterfly Encounter was a greenhouse full of native Florida butterflies and birds. Mostly monarchs and finches, but also swallowtails and even a Chinese buttonquail!

For $6 you could spend as much time as you wanted observing the bugs, birds, and plants. The best part was feeding the butterflies juice 🙂
It was also a lot like playing I Spy, because I knew there were caterpillars and chrysalis in there but it took me a long time before I figured out where to look.

The nursery also had lots of flowers, vegetables, and fruit trees. It was a perfect date spot and I highly recommend to anyone.

Intently observing caterpillars….
“Take a picture of me on this bench with horse heads!”












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