Performance Journal: WGI World Class Finals

Performance Journal: Finals
Fact: performing in 14th place (being the second to go on) is a lot less stressful than performing in 8th, which was our placement last year. Being less stressed meant having a more pleasant time on the floor! So I truly enjoyed my finals run.
After I caught my flag and made it through the flag work 😛
I think I was still the most nervous for the Saturday night run compared to prelims and semis put together. It’s just a bigger stage: more people were watching, and this video is the one that gets shared and rewatched. 
I didn’t get sentimental during the show, like “oh that was the last time I had to do that flag toss!” or “I’ll never dance with this person again.” There is plenty of that here on the bus ride home!  
I guess overall my run went as great as it could’ve gone, and I teared up as I walked off the floor. Performing in WGI World Finals is a great feeling, and I feel only a little bit I satisfied only doing it twice… (Also this is the only run that ALL of my hair stayed put all the way!)
I’m too emotionally charged to accurately talk about my plans for next season, but I remember thinking a couple weeks ago that this is my retirement.. But who knows, not even I do! I’m in a constant state of change. 🙂


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