Performance Journal: WGI Semi-Finals

Performance Journal: Semi-Finals
Semi-Finals is nice because I’ve already performed this show in the arena before. I guess all my jitters have Been worked through so I didn’t have any to deal with! I still got nervous, of course. But I wasn’t nervous because of the venue; I was only nervous because I wanted to have a good show! 
I think the crowd was about the same size? Maybe not but at least it seemed so! 
Again I just Set up and wait for the music to come on and my habit to take over. I have a few “hard parts” in my show (a toss, a timing) so every time I got past one my show got less stressful and I was able to enjoy it more!
We also as a guard learned From our Prelims run and fixed a Few minor things. So Yesterday was good and today was Great We placed 14th today so we will be in finals tomorrow!!! May that run Be Even better! 


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