Performance Journal: Prelims

Performance Journal: Prelims
Everything about the trip I’ll save for a summary post of my Dayton trip. This is just about my run, because it’s 11pm and I have an early wake up for Semi-Finals rehearsal tomorrow!
This is at least my fifth year performing in the Dayton arena, I’m well acquainted with the building and crappy warmup and how it goes. It was at most around 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and I was bundled as much as I could without significantly reducing my range of motion. And I kept what I could through warmup/rotation. Thankfully we did NOT go outside for anything except to transition into rotation 🙂
Body warmup is small so all I could do was some active stretching and taking a few jumps and turns. Equipment warmup is also terrible because of the slanted ceiling and low pipes/fans/lights. I only panicked a little.
I kissed the wall. 
I wouldn’t say walking into the arena/onto the floor made me nervous, but it definitely heightened all of my senses. It made me hyper focus and just prepped me to do my show. Seeing Pride of Cincinnati sitting in the stands made me more on edge, yes. But I get in my opening set and wait for the music to cue my body into “performance mode” and all I have to do is what I rehearsed. Not much thinking left at this point.
I just remember the timing being weird, but that’s normal…..
I caught my things and did my stuff. Walked oFf the floor barely satisfied because I want to do it again but BETTER tomorrow.   
I really do love the feelings I have in holding, on the floor, and the few minutes after the show. It’s a very special flow state, I can’t really find anywhere else! I have to savor it again tomorrow.


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