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(Healthy) Food Packing list for WGI Dayton

If you’re anything like me, the annual road trip to WGI Finals in Dayton, Ohio is a week of excitement but also a lot of unhealthy stress. I get stressed to the point of being physically sick, and the lack of sleep and easy access to healthy food only makes it worse. Travelling and less-than-stellar hotel situations and unpredictable sleep/rehearsal schedules also make it difficult to stick to my healthy routine.
To combat this I pack healthy food, which does a lot for my stomach and keeps me nourished and energized. It helps me not get sick, or at least alleviate some of the stress that comes on my body during this epic week. 
Here’s my packing list for the bus ride and hotel.

Bus Ride

 ⁃ Veggie Chips. While these aren’t necessarily healthy, they are definitely healthier than regular potato chips. As always, enjoy in moderation.

 ⁃ Dried fruit. These contain a lot of fiber so be careful not to eat too much!

 ⁃ Fresh fruit. Oranges and green apples that don’t bruise easily, or bananas if bringing a bungee cord to hang them up. 

 ⁃ Canned fruit. Get the ones with the pop-tab opener and bring some plastic utensils.

 ⁃ Trail mix Or granola bars. Watch out for allergic friends!

 ⁃ Tums/Nauzene. Water. 


Bananas on bungee cord! Also works in drum corps.

Hotel (Purchase before trip or on Walmart run)

 ⁃ MOST IMPORTANT: Electric kettle or coffee maker or microwave, to make hot water. If the hotel room does not have a microwave and neither do your friend’s, your food options are severely limited to delivery or restaurant food (not ideal). Use a kettle to heat up water to “cook” items that typically come in a microwave cup. (It may not be realistic to bring a microwave).

 ⁃ Microwave Cups of Macaroni & Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, rice/quinoa, ramen, etc. This can serve as the base of your meals, and are very cheap. (~$1/cup) Ideally you would fill it with water and then microwave it, but if you don’t have a microwave I’ve found that very hot water works just fine. 

 ⁃ Steamable bag of veggies or veggie based meals. Only if you have a fridge AND microwave. This is my preferred type of meal. Pretty basic, but pretty nutritious.

 ⁃ Don’t forget plastic utensils and napkins to enjoy your meals with. 

 ⁃ Large water jug. Duh.

 ⁃ Mug for tea, and choice of tea. I like green because it’s great at all times of day, but I’ll also bring ginger and chamomile to help with my stomach, stress, and sleep.
The trip is just difficult because I don’t really control my environment as much as I’m used to, but planning ahead like this helps out a lot. The trip itself isn’t unhealthy, of course, but I just know that the stress is enough to make me sick. I’m just doing what I can to prevent that by supporting my body with good foods that I’m familiar with.

I’ve travelled to Dayton as a performer fives different times with five different groups and this post is the summary of what I’ve learned I have to do to take care of myself nutritionally 🙂 This is personal and doesn’t apply to everyone, nonetheless I thought it worth sharing.
Happy Travels everyone!


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