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Semester Updates: Graduating Earlier, Dropping Physics, the job search,..

It’s a little bit past the halfway point in the semester, but A LOT of things have changed since January! Here are the main decisions and events:

  1. I decided that if I still want to do Physical Therapy or get a master’s degree (read: more school), I definitely DO NOT WANT to do it the semester after I finish my bachelor’s. I feel like I’ve been in the classroom my whole life, and that I need to get some experience in the field or do some real work outside of seeking a degree.
  2. I thought my only options were to still finish out my PT pre-reqs this summer (Chem 2, Psychology, Statistics) or possibly take a different set of electives. Thankfully I visit my adviser every semester and after telling her my new plans, she suggested not doing anymore extra classes! Instead I would take core classes for my degree (actually relevant to my major) over the summer and basically move my graduation a semester early.
  3. I’m graduating this December!! (As opposed to May 2017.) I’m still 1-2 semesters behind my high school class of 2012, but that’s seriously not a big deal… I didn’t even care before.
  4. This means my “adulthood” and getting cut off comes sooner though. My dad implied I won’t get any support if I’m not degree-seeking, and that’s totally fair. I have new pressures to get a real job, and sooner.
  5. I applied today for a job at the on-campus gym as a Fitness Attendant (I currently work in the office). My further plans are to apply at the YMCA or other health-focused fitness center near UCF or Disney or the Villages, audition for Universal/theme parks, possibly teach if I can,…there are a lot of options. It’s encouraging even if nothing is guaranteed.
  6. Since I don’t need Physics right now and I wasn’t doing that well in it anyway, I made the difficult (but relieving) decision to withdraw from it. It protects my 3.9 university GPA (whew), saves me a whole lot of stress, opens time up for other things (my core classes), and only costs me $300 in Financial Aid. It paid to take 17 credits last fall!
  7. I registered for a personal training course at my school, and purchased the textbook and exam for the ACE Group Fitness Instructor. I plan to be a certified GFI by the end of this summer!

Things have really snowballed since #1; not in the way I expected, but positive nonetheless.

Even though my future is hugely uncertain, I’m feeling really good right now. I feel like I’m in the right place, and not like a failure at all. It helps to not compare myself to others 🙂 My backup plan (but NOT a negative “last resort”) is to move back in with my family and work from there. I think I can be happy for anything!!



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