Performance Journal: WGI Southeastern Regional Championships at UCF

The last Orlando show of the 2016 season, and definitely one of the most important ones. This was my 6th UCF regional, and now that I go to UCF I was very comfortable making my way around.

We got out of rehearsal earlier-than-normal on Friday night and Saturday’s rehearsal wasn’t until mid-afternoon. This meant getting enough sleep and not being rushed Saturday morning!

Even though show day rehearsals put my hair and makeup at risk, I think it’s a good way to test if my hair will actually stay put! Except, it stayed in for rehearsal but no the show so that was actually a fail. (I like to call the hair change a representation of “character development” during the show)

After rehearsal we barely had enough time to change, retouch, eat, and get to the show site. It was like EPL; better because I didn’t have to pack but worse because I was responsible for transporting myself (and three other people).

Saturday was rainy in the morning and cloudy for the rest of the day, but we stayed dry thankfully! For our outside warmup we have a hype song, a stretch song (or two), and then two runs with our show music. I’ve learned to do a mental run for the first runthrough and my entire book the second musical runthrough. Plus a few reps of the features and tosses.

It’s funny how “relaxed” I am before body warmup, but I progressively get more nervous as I go through equipment and then holding. It’s actually this transition from “normal life” to the perfect state of being a performer. Exactly nervous and confident, any more or less of either would make me imbalanced.

I had a good run! The work I’m most worried about is in the beginning of the show, so when I complete that I’m able to really enjoy the rest of my performance.


 Sunday was very much like Saturday actually. Except I had a lot more social responsibilities like hosting my boyfriend and introducing my BF to my family and catching up with my family members and some old teammates. But for a great audience and a great show, it was a wonderful wonderful day.

This was a short and sweet post for a weekend that was actually long and stressful in context. At its end, however, I’m feeling content and pleased 🙂



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