Spring Break day 3: DC and trip’s end

Our flight left at 6pm so we still had an almost full day to look at the rest of DC that we didn’t finish on Monday. Basically our goal was to finish walking down the Natnal Mall and get to the Capitol.

We stopped at this nice breakfast place and ate waffles at the bar, but after that pretty much hiked down!


The museums are free so we stopped at several! I commented to IB that the old architecture of the all buildings makes them look like museums to me, and he said that the old parts of DC really remind him of cities in Europe.

Haha when I asked him if he wanted to go to the American history museum he joked back “Does America even have a history?” He of course has a European perspective. When you think of it, America really is young, an infant compared to countries in Europe. So we skipped that museum.

We did stop and look around Air & Space (mostly just the Space part), I was particularly interested in the astronaut exhibit. The body was not made for zero gravity and being in space has a lot of physiological effects on the astronaut. No problem, NASA is well studied and provide the astronauts with proper tools to stay healthy even in space (also so that their return to earth isn’t too harsh).

The Museum of Natural History was awesome. I think animals are always interesting, and the gemstones were absolutely beautiful! I appreciated the exhibit on human origins because it also talked about the future of human evolution/development!

We were running out of time but I wanted to at least walk through the American Indian museum. Having the American girl Kaya doll and books really made me interested in Native American culture as a child, as well as growing up in Oklahoma. (Also I thought Indian was an outdated term? )

We ended up just eating at this cafeteria style cafe, with sections based on American territories. So if I went to the Northwest Region I could find dishes from that culture. The food was delicious and I liked the experience.
As we headed to the capitol we passed the botanical garden, and this was my favorite part of DC. It was a greenhouse full of beautiful plants, a wide variety of flowers and fruits. Especially orchids! It was also organized by climate, so some rooms were dry and arid and others were humid and tropical.


The Capitol dome was covered in scaffolding so it wasn’t that pretty of a sight, but that marked the end of our trip!

I loved this trip. No I didn’t go to the beach or a cruise for spring break but this really was the best spring break ever. I felt like this was a truly meaningful trip because I saw historic and iconic sights and landmarks. It was the first trip I’ve ever taken like it. I also had great company.

Things I’ve learned:
-Technology is great, use Apple Wallet for boarding passes and tickets. But physical maps are handy dandy too.
-AirBnB is a great concept and much cheaper than a hotel. It also give the trip a more local/authentic experience.

I had a good rest of my week too, I can’t believe it’s over and I’m back at work and school. But I must work hard now so I can have another great trip in the future!



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