Performance Journal: FFCC Freedom

Just another circuit show? One of the more “circuity” shows just because of the population of obnoxious high schoolers and how cramped it was in the gym!
Luxuriously, we didn’t have rehearsal today. I slept in until 10 or 11, and finished some posts and even ran some errands with E and J (the friends from Jax that I’ve been hosting since Januuary).

For my hair this go, I had a sock bun device that didn’t come as a donut. Instead it was this long piece of padded mesh that you could clip together. I rolled it into my front poof and it worked very well! I’d say an improvement from my precious styles.

I don’t like wearing a lot of makeup, and I don’t like how I look with it. It’s part of the show and uniform and character however, and I love to perform.

At the show we watched a few guards after checking in. I do love watching little guards, even for a little nostalgia.

Do A guards work harder than those in Independent world? One of my teammates discussed this with me. I feel like younger performers definitely do because they have to, but maybe older guards don’t because they’ve put their hard work in before and now things are easier.

It also depends on what’s considered working hard.

I didn’t get nervous at this show until we walked in. I’m accustomed to being nervous for a show so it doesn’t affect me so much.

This small gym was disappointing but I’m happy for the loud cheers. Even if I thought the audience next to me was being a little obnoxious.

Our music cut out at 41 seconds into the show, and we kept going. Our show tempo seems subjective anyway and I think we were literally prepared to complete the show without music!

But we were told to stop and reset. I broke character to tease the audience next me, making faces and bowing sarcastically. We received a lot of applause on the reset!

I had another good show. I kind of think of my show as more of a dance with some props (the flag) and I’ve kept up with my focus on the theme of fulfilling movements.

I am in an independent world guard but am no means a celebrity. That’s why I feel weird when someone comes up to me and acts starstruck or at a loss for words. A simple “I liked your show! You guys did good.” is much better than intentionally struggling for words. I hope that made sense.

Post show dinner at Ale House and then sleeping despite the Daylight Savings Time/Spring Forward.

Next week if one of our bigger shows: WGI Southeastern Championships!

Very excited 🙂



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