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Spring Break Day 1: Washington, D.C.

Finally. On my spring break! And I finally did something eventful with it, beyond the usual “going home to see my family” or “catch up”. I actually went to Washington, DC and Philadelphia!
Immediately after winter guard rehearsal I drove to IB’s house to spend the night, and we left at 4 in the morning for MCO. The airport is actually pretty busy at that time, and despite being tired I was awake! Rode JetBlue for the first time, and I guess I liked it.

Walking out of the DCA terminal we were hit with cold air. Probably not that cold to be honest, but we just came from Florida. After taking an Uber to our AirBnB host home and settling in, we mapped out what we wanted to do that afternoon.
In DC everything is next to each other, but still really far away. Like a giant, spread-out theme park. We walked 11-12 miles this day, my feet and shins and knees are in pain.

So what’d we do…
After arrival and settling in, we walked 20ish minutes to the nearest a metro station, a subway/underground train. This was literally my first time riding something like it. it reminded me of being in a movie, or when cartoon school children go to school. Nothing like that in Orlando or Oklahoma.


After getting off we found a sandwich shop and ate the sandwiches for lunch as we walked to the National Treasury and then circled the White House. Someone told me that you need approval from your Congressmen to get an actual tour of the White House and I wasn’t particularly interested in going to see it anyway. The Visitor’s Center was enough for us!
I’m surprised at how many Cherry Blossom souvenirs there were at every single gift shop we saw, especially because the festival wasn’t until later this month. Must be a bigger deal than even I thought!

We were satisfied seeing the Washington monument from far away, and made our way down the National Mall. The other major thing I wanted to see was the Lincoln Memorial because that’s where Forrest Gump gave that unheard speech and reunited with Jenny.
But as I walking, I realized how painful it was to walk! I was not wearing walking shoes, just cheap rubber and canvas. My knees were shot. To save us from walking 2ish miles, we took a short Uber ride to Arlington Cemetery. It was vast, and something about the gravestones prompted deep conversations about God, life, death, and life (or not) after death.

For dinner we headed to a Pizza place that was recommended to us by an Italian friend who testified that it was the most Italian pizza he’s had in America. This place was tiny and we were the only customers there, but the pizza really was really good. Think crust, not-so-acidic sauce, perfect oil and seasoning…definitely pleased.

Lastly we did some grocery shopping for breakfast the next day and took the Metro back to our home stay. We were back by 9 and actually exhausted! But prepped and ready for the next day in Philadelphia!


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