Performance Journal: FFCC Cypress Creek

This show its one week after the regional, and at a show site that usually hosts that regional. It was weird to be a smaller circuit show there. On the other hand, however, it was hard to treat it as anything more than a small circuit show. Another thing I have to work on, maybe?

It was just hard to get excited for this show after having had two big shows (Premiere and Tampa Regional) in a row. The only encouragement we shared was that there will still be screaming high schoolers there. For a performer, a crowd is something to look forward to (especially because we perform to empty rehearsal gyms a lot!). After all, this is a performing activity.

Friday night rehearsal was rough as Friday nights usually are, but we had a 3 hour rehearsal on show day and that wasn’t so bad. I mean open air and concrete aren’t ideal winter guard settings, but we made the most of it.

During the run-through I realized that my front roll/somersault is not going to work with my hair style. 😦 I was able to keep the front poof (thankfully! the most important part) but had to reduce the back to a simple bun. I’ll be on Pinterest this week looking for what to do with the back of my hair; I don’t like the idea of having loose hair (like the ponytail that most of my teammates have).

So, I drove my car and three people to the rehearsal and show site. Total about 45 minutes, which isn’t bad. I’ve rode with a lot of people to a lot of shows and I wanted to give back, especially since two of those people already commute a couple hours to Orlando. But this did not give me any down time or wait time to chill before the official check-in. I wasn’t rushed either though! I had just enough time to eat (Panera that we grabbed on the way), do my makeup, brush my teeth, get dressed, have my friends touch up my hair, and get my wristband. (Another thing about hair is that mine is usually frizzy so it doesn’t bother me. I think it bothers my friends though because they’re always quick to correct it, which I’m thankful for.)

I guess 60 degrees Fahrenheit is cold to me? I had ear warmers, a scarf, and a blanket; I also had no problem walking around the show site festivally bundled up. I tend to have a childish nature anyway, but especially when I’m in need of something. Like warmth, because when I’m cold I become consumed with the immediate need to be warm again and I don’t want to think about anything else (this was a problem when I did marching band). So we can say that in a way it was very mature of me to dress extra warm so that I could focus on the important things, like winter guard. (That was a joke but also serious.)

I don’t think that anyone who knew me was surprised to see me with a blue fox blanket draped over me, and anyways I think it was a nice way to introduce my personality to the people who didn’t know me but one day could.

Outside warmup was just a quick “blood flowing/muscles warm/hands moving” session, and rotation (inside warmup) was where I actually tuned into my show. This year my role is mostly movement, so I used body warmup to physically go through my show and take the rolls and jumps that I needed to. For equipment warmup, I took turns repping certain sections and tosses; Nothing I was too worried about.

But how was my show? Aside from the music starting while I was still setting up, it went pretty well! Performing is a transcendental experience, so I can’t really tell anyone what it feels like to be in that moment. Just that, at the end of the show, it was great.

After watching the video from last week’s performance, I realized I wasn’t fulfilling my movements. Say I was only responsible for 90% of my movements, the other 10% being afterthoughts or follow through. I’m not sure how to explain it except that I just wasn’t finishing the choreography or phrase. I thought I looked so bad! This weekend I sought to fix that and I do think I’ve gotten better. A Colts friend recorded me and I was pleased with the “franticness” I presented..

When someone isn’t working with my in rehearsal I tend to just plop right down and have a seat. Well, the people in my car kept talking to other people and after about 10 minutes of being ready to go and being ignored, I just lay down to wait.

Keeping the theme of fulfilling movements and finishing choreography with me on Sunday helped give me a really good rehearsal too. I’m pretty happy with this weekend; exhaustion, bruises, soreness, and all 🙂



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