Performance Journal: WGI Tampa

First regional of 2016!

We just recently finished our show (even with a lot of “filler”), our floor, and the only other show we performed at was Premiere. There was a lot of newness to this one, like a second premiere!

We had a rehearsal late Friday night and that included finishing our floor (crafty!), a dress run, and the hair/makeup instructions. We got out late enough that I was tired and grumpy. And my mood was especially meaningful because I spent a lot of time this week contemplating if I want to march again next year. (Yes I know it’s still February but I am easily obsessed with planning.)

Anyways…asleep by 230ish and awake at 7a to shower and hair and carpool the two hours to Tampa! I slept in the backseat after finishing an assignment on my iPad.
There was a Walgreen’s and Winn Dixie about 10 minutes (walk) away from the show site, so I made the trip to buy some makeup and snacks. It reminded me of going to find food after performing a drum corps show.

A lot of waiting and chilling before warm up, and man it was hot outside! The opposite of the weather at premiere. I still had a good warm up and rotation.

I’ve performed enough that I am very familiar with the aggressive butterflies in my stomach that churn before I go on, but the familiarity doesn’t make it any less intense! Even though it’s a little uncomfortable, I love the nerves I get before performing. It’s the physical feeling of nervousness but the mental state of exhiliration. I can’t get it from anything else! I love the screaming crowd, and the way it drives my performance.

By far, this is the most difficult show I’ve had to perform. Not in technicality, but actually connecting to what was written and understanding what it is I have to portray. Its one of the obstacles I have during rehearsal, because I feel like I can only go through the motions and hope it’s right. I felt guilty that I used the crowd to help me perform, and that I couldn’t replicate that during rehearsals. But because it’s so difficult, I have to take what I can!

After I perform I felt like all the nerves caught up and flooded me with nausea and a hurting tummy. The long day and less-than-optimal amount of sleep also had my head hurting. I need to find a better way of managing performer’s anxiety because it really affects my state of health; finals week in Dayton I got physically sick from the stress, sleeping conditions, and lack of nutritious/wholesome food :/ Health management is another concern for next season.

The finals run was much like prelims, except I was tired and I have a story: I spit on myself. I literally spit on myself in finals. During a set when I’m running back to the corner, facing the high school groups on the back sideline. I jumped and I guess my mouth was open so I just slobbered all over my chin, but I aggressively (in character) wiped it off. Unfortunately this happened in the first 30 seconds of the show so I was self-conscious of smeared lipstick until about a third into the show when I could ask my teammate if there was anything on my face.

It was a long day with a lot of waiting but no relaxing. What matters most is that I got my performance fix, and I am excited to perform again next weekend.


My Colts seat partner drove 4 hours to see me! In this photo we are having an important discussion of sorts? 🙂

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