Why I’m Not Making New Year’s Resolutions

I think we know that most New Year’s Resolutions are bound for failure, even if we’re modest or s.m.a.r.t. about it; no one of that I’ve talked to has actual resolutions in place for this year. I know that for me in particular, 12 months was just too long for me to be consistent about anything! So much happens to me in 12 months, I really can’t make a decision about December when it’s January.

I change my mind about a lot of things or my priorities shift,  so I adjust my life accordingly. Then, my life at the end of the year is somewhat irrelevant to my life at the beginning. I don’t have the resolve to stick to something I chose in January when it’s no longer important to me, it’d be like forcing myself to finish a book I no longer found interesting or useful.

So, I’m not making 2016 goals or resolutions. I certainly have goals and objectives for things more short-term (like the semester, a post I plan to write next week!), and there are themes and intentions I’d like to start practicing now (I just happen to being in 2016).

Today we are celebrating an additional lap around the Sun. It’s a good chance to look back and look forward, but other than that it’s just another day! I’m learning from my mistakes and moving forward with optimism.

Happy New Year then!




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