Writing 101 Day 2: Reflections

Today’s prompt (I guess I’m not doing this daily :p) asks me to tell about the reflections I see in the world or in myself.

I understand this definition of A reflection is that it represents something else, and can clarify or blur.

A topic that I’m passionate about it how social media is an incorrect (or blurred) reflection of the individual whom it represents. It’s a large reason for my staying off Facebook.

I think Facebook (and other social media like Instagram) is a great way to keep in touch with someone, but a terrible way to try to understand someone.

I think that social media is a blurry reflection of the individual, because everything posted is fabricated but presented as authentic.

I’m not saying everyone is fake! But I feel that in general, people will only post what makes them look good, perfect, continuously having fun, always with friends, and overall: a better life than the next person.  Not because people are spiteful, because it’s natural to want to look good.

I think that’s all fine, but I dislike that social media is presented as an honest representation of the individual. Bad reflection, I think.

Like I said, this is something I’m very passionate about. But this is but a preview draft of a potential master post. I’m afraid it comes off as pompous or scrutinizing, but so these prompts prompt.





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