Drum Corps

Writing 101 Day 1: Magic

Apparently I signed up for WordPress Blogging University courses, Writing 101 and Blogging 201! I haven’t written much on my blog so I’m excited for daily prompts to help get me going.

Today’s prompt was titled Magic, and asked for a poem about something I’ve accomplished this year.

…I’m going to straight write about it. (I’ve been given the liberty to skip the poetry part anyway!)

Summer 2015 will always be called “The Summer I Aged-Out of Drum Corps”. It was very rough, and to make the most of it’s roughness I can say that is good because if it had been great I think I would be missing it way too much right now.

A lot can be said about this summer but I’ll just write one of my favorite memories.

It’s June 5th. A long water break towards the end of the afternoon block. I’m sitting on my water jug next to Kristine, another ageout. It’s still going to be a long block.
I offer: “Hey, this is our last June 5th doing drum corps.”, hoping that a reminder of how temporary our suffering is will help us get through the rest of it. I think “I can use this for any block of any day”
But long, difficult, and boring afternoon blocks aren’t all suffering. It’s spending time with people you love, doing what you love, but kindof hating it at the same time.
Anyways my idea backfired, because Kristine came back with:

“Brittany, this could be our last June 5th together.”

Well, I started crying. Then sobbing. Then wailing.
Kristine started laughing. Then crying. Became hysterical.
Somehow I started laughing at Kristine while at the same time sobbing because she was right. And she was crying from laughter.


This went for a while and carried into block. And the rest of summer. And even now in the off-season, the 5th of every month I call “Age Out Remembrance Day”.

So I didn’t tell a poem but I wrote a story.

Hope any readers enjoyed!


This is what Kristine and I look like when we’re crying and laughing at the same time!



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