Goal: Theme Park Performer Auditions

I have found my performing “niche” (winter guard flag line 🙂 ),  but finding this niche involved a lot of auditions and my fair share of rejection.  I also consider myself a veteran of rejection, someone experienced in being turned down. While it’s not a pleasant feeling, I have to credit it as a major source of growth and development of myself as a person and performer. In a way, rejection has given me as much as it’s excluded me from.

I’ve had a lot of experience auditioning for color guards and dance concerts, but I have never auditioned for a theme park! Living in Orlando, there are a lot of chances to go to SeaWorld, Universal Studios, and Disney. I get weekly e-mails of upcoming auditions for different shows/roles. 

It is no goal of mine to dance at these parks or become a professional dancer (dancing is just a highlighted hobby for me right now), but I recently decided it would be a fair goal to audition at all of these parks. It opens up opportunity for growth and experience that I’ve never had (and yes growth from rejection!). 

By the end of 2016, I’d like to have auditioned for SeaWorld, Universal Studios, and Disney. 

Because these often involve type-outs (exclusion based on appearance or skills unrelated to dance), I don’t think this will be as simple as showing up in my dancewear. I’ve never been to one anyway, so I’m not 100% sure how the process goes. Even so, I think that this is a good goal and I plan to document the experience on this blog.


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