Makeup as part of an outfit

I recently posted two pictures of me, and friend of mine said about it “Wow Brittany, you clean up nice!” I wanted to say “Clean up what?”, the major difference was that in one picture I was wearing makeup.

This post isn’t a rant about what I think beauty is about and what wearing makeup says about a person. I’ve just thought over my own makeup practice this past week and have essentially defined my reasons for wearing and not wearing it on different occassions. 

I see makeup as more of an accessory. For instance, when I go to a nice place (say, the mall or Disney or a show), I dress for it by wearing nice clothes. I accentuate the clothes or look with jewelry, hair bows or headbands, complimenting socks, and additionally: makeup. Makeup is an accessory, it helps an outfit. And since  everyday “natural” is a very popular look, it doesn’nt feel like it does anything for my face. (Of course, show makeup is a different story!)

I don’t feel more or less pretty with or without makeup on. How beautiful I feel has very little to do with my face. But a good and well accessorized outfit can help make me feel good anyway!

[my first real post seems kind of a disappointment? i wanted to write about a different topic that has been on my mind for a long time but it still wasn’t ready for posting! to keep this blog active I wanted to at least post something even if it’s minor!]


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