This post is about figuring out what this blog is about! I have a wide set of interests but I want to define the main ones. These main interests are driving forces in how I go about my lifestyle, and  I believe those will be the driving topics of this blog! It makes sense then, to categorize this as a “Lifestyle Blog”. I’m not sure what that means exactly, because I’m figuring out “blogging” as I go.

As it goes, this is the introduction to the introduction of my blog, Prudenfox.

My name is Brittany, I am 21 years old. I’m a junior at University of Central Florida in Orlando, majoring in Sport & Exercise Science with minors in Fitness Training and Dance

I’m constantly researching how to be a better student so I can get the most out of my college educational experience. I would like to summarize my findings on habit, efficiency, and effective study methods into mini articles that people might find helpful. I also have two younger sisters who are about to graduate high school, so I’m deliberate about putting together a list of tips and things I’ve learned from being in college 3-4 years ahead of them.

Health through physical fitness is a topic that gets me excited! While I’m studying the science of the exercise in school, I do my own independent studies to supplement my fitness regimen. It’s important for me to take what I’m learning in school and summarize + simplify it to help me remember it, and apply it to make it relevant for me! There will likely be a set of fitness related posts, whether it’s my own workout journal, or basic concepts of exercise and it’s benefits. This is a vast and popular topic so while there is a lot I can write about, I’m don’t want to sound redundant to the rest of the fitness blogging community (i.e., I want to write uniquely!).

My passionate activity is color and winter guard. It’s basically dance (movement) performance with flags and other equipment, done on a field with a live marching band or inside gyms to recorded music. I think a lot of people have a rough idea of what it is, but few people actually understand it. So, I’d love to write more about this activity and increase proper awareness of this activity as an athletic art.

Those are some basic topics I can get started with! I would also like to write about my philosophy on other aspects of my life, and it seems I have enough to say about topics like Facebook, vegetarianism, humility/pride, rejection/failure, honesty, fashion, Etsy, language, anime, books, and friendship that I could also write a post about those.

I have many interests and facets to my person, and I would love for this blog to entertain and explore all of them.

Thank you for reading! Please let me know what you think about this blog’s possible future.

Play Nice, Have Fun
-Brittany (prudenfox)


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